Berber Moroccan Pom Pom Cotton Pillow Covers, Decorative Throw Cushion

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Berber Moroccan Pom Pom Cotton Pillow

The Berber Moroccan furniture is a remarkable art form in the realm of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The Berber people of North Africa are among the earliest and most enduring practitioners of this craft. Their mastery of weaving and decorating textiles allowed them to create cushions used as bed covers or simply on the couches in their homes. This craft developed naturally due to their geographic isolation and was further influenced by trade with other cultures.

One type of Berber Moroccan furniture still in use today is the Berber Moroccan Wool Pillow. These wool pillows are truly luxurious items of furniture. The wool used is longer-lasting and softer than many other types of wool available today. Woven wool is also considered one of the best qualities in the bedding industry. Many who have purchased these luxurious items have been amazed at the quality of sleep they provide.

You will find a variety of handwoven and hand-painted Berber Moroccan items, such as Shelf Bed Blankets, Shelf Pillows, Headboards, and Shelf Blankets, available in various colors and patterns. Each pillow is individually woven to ensure that the texture, weight, and placement are unique. The Berber people of Morocco are well-known for their incredible bedding designs.

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