Black Bohemian Cushion Cover with Pom Pom, Moroccan Tassel Cushion

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Moroccan Tassel Cushion

If you wish to redecorate your living rooms and transform their look, or just add a unique touch to your living space, look no farther than Moroccan cushions! Pillows, particularly Moroccan pillows, are an ideal way to transform your living room into a chic and romantic room, complete with an understated but elegant touch. A cushion is actually a small decorative furniture item, made of a wide assortment of textiles, such as linen, cotton, microfiber, silk, leather and chenille. You can find these pillows in a large variety of colours and materials to suit any style of the room and any taste. You might prefer one that is shaped like a heart or something more contemporary; there are a large variety of pillow covers to suit any mood.

These cushions come with a decorative fringe, either in a single colour or in multiple patterns that add interest to the cushion. The fringe on Moroccan pillows comes in different thicknesses and can be dyed for a rainbow of colours, making them even more interesting and versatile as decorative pieces. Sometimes called “tassels”, decorative pillows often have intricate details on the decorative fringe, creating a colourful array of dots, dashes and curves. You can either choose a colour and design in the centre or go for a contrasting design, which is equally as stunning and adds interest to the cushion.

One of the great things about the Moroccan bohemian decor available today is that you don’t necessarily have to choose between traditional and contemporary looks. Moroccan cushions can take either approach, thanks to the versatility of these cushions. Some people like the old fashioned look of traditional Moroccan pillows, while others may opt for the more modern look and feel of some of the more ornate and decorative pillows available. You are only limited by your imagination. These cushions are truly works of art and deserve every attention you can give them.

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