Moroccan Pom Pom Cotton cushion, Moroccan Moroccan Cushion Cushion

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Moroccan Pom Pom Cotton Cushion

A Moroccan inspired cushion cover called en la blanc and an accompanying painted wooden platter, decorated with colourful geometric designs of yellow and green, call to mind the colours of Moroccan pottery. This soft and slightly uneven surface is both comfortable and inviting. The soft cushion gives way to a strong yet comfortable touch and the round edges create a perfect place for guests to rest their legs. The platter is finished with a metal sign representing the flag of Morocco which can be seen clearly at a distance. The soft coloured clay platter is made of tamarind and dyed in the traditional red and black of Morocco.

For further inspiration on this cushion, we can look to other materials, a type of plait woven from reed and willow that originates from the Andalusian plains. It is often seen in local pottery, furniture, tapestries, etc. and has a soft, neutral tone similar to Moroccan cushion. En la blanc is also available in a range of complementary colours including blue, green, cream, eggplant, white, yellow, terracotta, pink, violet and burgundy.

The Moroccan cushion is made of soft textured woven cotton with an irregular band of dyed red and black. The cushion is slip-resistant and comfortable when you lie on it. It makes an ideal gift and decorates your home. The cushions come in a range of colours but the more unusual ones are animal prints and leopard spots that would look great on a lampshade. The best way to select the most suitable cushion for your home or office is to make sure that it matches the existing colours and decor of the room or area where it will be used, as well as ensuring that the size of the cushion is appropriate for the furniture.

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