Natural Tan Colour with Gold Stitching Handmade Ottoman Moroccan Leather Pouf

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Natural Tan Colour with Gold Stitching Handmade Ottoman Moroccan Leather Pouf

For years, I have had a love/hate relationship with my brown pouf leather ottoman. To be clear, I love it for what it is: a functional piece of furniture, a very reasonably priced piece of furniture that is a great addition to any home, and a highly sought after item that I would not be seen without. However, the brown pouf does not go well with my decor, and the leather is often irritated by my skin, making it an undesirable piece of furniture. Therefore, I have been looking for a solution to my problem, and have been able to come up with a very nice solution.

My solution consists of a very reasonably priced handcrafted leather ottoman with handcrafted gold stitching on the front. The brown pouf is covered in gold thread from head to toe, giving the ottoman a very classy, distinguished look that goes perfectly with other furniture in the room (such as traditional Moroccan chairs). The ottoman is a great place for guests to rest their feet, and my guests love it when I allow them to rest there, since the material is not slippery. Furthermore, the gold stitching adds some style to an otherwise less than stylish piece of furniture.

The beauty of the handcrafted gold stitching is the detail that is included. Each individual stitch adds a little character to the brown pouf, such as small floral designs, tribal patterns, and zebra skin patterns. All of these are incredibly detailed and create a great decorative piece that will add a lot of character to your home. In fact, if you find the brown pouf at a good price, you may be surprised at the many different ways in which you can use it within your home, especially since so many pieces are available in this exciting color! And, if you purchase a natural brown ottoman with handcrafted gold stitching, you’ll have an authentic piece of furniture that will truly bring character to your home.


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